We Take Care of Your Website, So You Can Take Care of Business

My name is Patricia Dumond. I am the founding member and “Chief Geek” at Site Geeks LLC, located in Hinesville, Georgia. I started Site Geeks with one goal in mind: to help small businesses and non-profits get their message out on the web. When is the last time you looked at the Yellow Pages? We don’t even have a phone book in our home. For several years there was a special recycling drive for phone books, but I don’t recall seeing anything about that lately nor have I seen a new phone book in a couple of years. The phone book has gone the way of the dodo. When I need a phone number or address for a local business, I google it. So does everyone I know and just for the record, I wasn’t born with a smartphone in my hand. That’s the number one reason every small business seeking new customers needs a website.

How Site Geeks Can Help

  • We’ll build your business an attractive, easy to use website that looks great on any screen from a smartphone to a wide-screen television.
  • We’ll provide top-quality managed hosting for your website on servers optimized for speed and locked down for security with 24/7 top-notch customer support.
  • We’ll help you get the word out about your business and your website using email marketing, search engine optimization (including local SEO), and social media campaigns.
  • We take care of your website, so you can take care of business: We won’t just throw up a five-minute website and leave you hanging. Our business is modeled on making your website an ongoing, value-added, marketing tool for your business.

Patricia Dumond

Pat and Paul Dumond in 2009

Pat and Paul Dumond in 2009

I live in southeast Georgia. I retired in October 2013 after 34 years of service with the United States Army as both a soldier and a civilian. I have a son, a grandson, 3 cats (plus 4 who own my sister and 3 my son dropped off with us on his way to Vermont) and 2 dogs, Mab and Molly. My husband, Paul, passed away in June 2010 and my sister, Roberta (also a widow) came to live with me here in the boondocks. She keeps me company and makes sure I’m fed and have clean clothes (it’s kind of like having a wife).

I’ve worked with computers since they were programmed via punched cards and took up entire rooms. I’ve programmed databases in COBOL. I’ve been developing and administering websites since 1999. I’m fluent in all the acronyms: HTML, CSS, PHP, etc… I was on the team that built the first website for Fort Stewart, Georgia, around 2002 — a cemetery database I programmed for the web is still on the site today. I spent my last 4 years as an Army civilian working in web security.

Since 2014 I’ve had steady work with Site Geeks. In March 2015, I began working with WebSharks, a WordPress plugin developer, as a contract Technical Support representative. I’ve written quite a few Knowledge Base Articles (KBA) for them. I’m currently working on a Users’ Guide for their flagship product: s2Member®. This guide is being published first as a series of KBAs.

A Few Websites I’ve Developed & Managed

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