Getting Started

I Love Building and Improving Websites!

Pat DumondI give my best to every website I build, manage, or touch. Doing great web development takes a lot of energy and expertise, so I only work with select clients on projects that excite me. I also only work on projects that I think have a real chance at success.

If you would like to talk to me about working together on your project, there are a few things I need to know first.

First, my LinkedIn connections get top priority. If we’re not connected on LinkedIn, ask one of our common connections for an introduction. Taking a few moments to connect on LinkedIn will get your project top priority. Isn’t that worth the effort?

Next, I need to you to take the time to think about the questions on this worksheet and answer them as completely as you can. If you aren’t ready to take some time to think about your project, we will not be a good fit. That said, if you take the time to look over the checklist and really want to fill it out, but need some guidance, I can do that. Just send me a Contact Form and I’ll be in touch about arranging some “discovery” time. Note that isn’t an end run around the worksheet. I can’t give you a proposal or any specific information about your project until you complete the worksheet.

Once I receive your worksheet, I’ll seriously consider your project and get back to you within 48 hours. If I think we’ll work well together and I believe I can help you achieve your goals, we’ll discuss next steps.

I look forward to learning about your project.

Website Project Application

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