s2Member – LiveDrive Integrator Plugin

s2Member - LiveDrive Integrator Plugin

The Brief

Duncan Green at SEBUS, a LiveDrive reseller, approached us about integrating s2Member registrations with the LiveDrive API to create a LiveDrive user account when an s2Member membership was purchased on the SEBUS website. We’d never worked with the LiveDrive API before so we jumped at the challenge.

Our Approach

We decided the easiest way to send the data required by the LiveDrive API would be to use s2Member’s built-in API Notifications scripting. We created a Registration API Notification to feed the data required from s2Member to the LiveDrive API. The initial approach was to use s2Member Custom Registration Fields, but it was decided that there was no reason to save the LiveDrive data to the WordPress database. So we customized a Pro-Form template with the required data instead.

Duncan’s requirements were fairly simple. There were some issues figuring out how LiveDrive needed the data presented, but once that was done the development was straight-forward. Once the plugin was working properly, we created documentation for Duncan so that he could create Membership forms with the custom Pro-Form template as needed.

This project has just been completed and SEBUS are still in their free 30-days of support for our development work. We include this support as a “warranty” with every project accepted by Site Geeks.

The Results

SEBUS received a plugin that met their requirements. It gets the job done. During research and development we saw quite a bit of interest in a plugin to integrate s2Member and the LiveDrive API, so we are currently working on a fully-functional plugin to manage LiveDrive reseller accounts from WordPress using s2Member (and maybe even if you are not using s2Member).