Wreaths for Warriors’ Walk

Wreaths for Warriors Walk Screenshots In Devices

The Brief

Tony Justi at Wreaths for Warriors Walk, a local non-profit I’ve supported for years, approached us about giving their website a facelift. The site (see it here in the WayBack Machine) felt a bit “dated” and needed to be made mobile-friendly.

Our Approach

We started with a thorough review of the existing website. We came up with a plan to rebuild the site in WordPress. The new theme used a simple red, white, & blue color scheme and clean typography. We made some structural/navigation changes to improve flow and feature visibility.

We took the simple Excel listing of the Names of the Fallen and created a custom post type which allowed us to create an attractive 2-column presentation with single Pages for each Fallen Warrior.

We also added a Search feature to allow friends and family to easily find their own Warrior. Unfortunately, the old spreadsheet doesn’t show up in the WayBack Machine, so no “before” is available.